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sneak peek :D [Oct. 12th, 2010|07:03 pm]
heeey(: sorry, i didn't post an excerpt from the story i updated [addicted]. xP i forgot and i was just too busy. i'm sorry. ): but i'll make it up to you guys! i shall now post two sneak peeks, on the two birthday oneshots i'm working on. one for darling/allie [whose birthdays already passed so i don't have time to write them each one. ):] and one for leesh [whose birthday is 10/15].

[dam·age (dam-ij): noun—injury or harm that reduces value or usefulness; verb—to cause damage to, to injure or harm]
And now my feet fucking hurt from walking from that fancy restaurant I was at, eating dinner with all of my friends, to the Westchester Park in these stupid designer heels. Deciding to take my anger out on my shoes, I ripped the shiny silver 4-inch high MiuMius off of my feet and threw them over my shoulder into the (what I thought was deserted) undergrowth.
“Holy shit. What the fuck, Nikki?” I heard from the bushes.
“Who the hell are you?” I asked weakly holding my insignificant Chanel handbag in front of me as my only source of protection.
“It’s just me, Nikki. And no, I won’t rape you.” The same deep voice replied jokingly.

status: halfway done. my goal is to post it today or tomorrow. wish me luck!

the fairy tale life isn’t for me
[i don’t wanna be like cinderella, sitting in a dark cold dusty cellar, waiting for somebody to come and set me free.]
“hello?” her angelic voice sweetly answered the caller boredly
[because how could she not be bored? she’s stuck home on a friday night]
“hey leesh. massie block’s having a party tonight. you comin’?” a deep seductive voice asked.
[because come on. why would alicia rivera give her number to someone who didn’t have a deep seductive voice?]
“shit. really?”
[because massie block’s parties were famous for their scandal and drama, all of which goes on behind closed doors.]
“yeah. if you’re coming i’ll pick you up in 30.”
[because even though the party starts now, no one cool gets to parties that early.]

status: no where near done. >< i still haven't got the plot planned out. hopefully i'll finish it by friday though! :D

okay, so those are my two current projects. once again, happy belated birthday allie and darling && happy early birthday leesh! (: