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crazie_lisa's Journal

9 December
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hey there and welcome to my profile(: i'm lisa, nice to meet you. i am an american-born-chinese (abc) and i currently live in china, though i was born in, grew up in, and lived in south plainfield, new jersey until 2005. i go to middle school at an awesome international school, where local chinese people are not accepted and the teachers are all from outside of china. i plan on going to cornell university, becoming a vet, and designing computer graphics on the side. that's basically my life story. oh, and my goal in life is to find true love. that's important too. :D

i'm pretty shy and quiet to strangers, but after you get to know me, you'll realize that i'm extremely hyper and can drive any teacher crazy with my whispering in class (i'm very talkative and rambly, you see). i'm incredibly random and blurt out random nonsense in the most awkwardly awkward silences. i am also sarcastic (sarcasm is my third language, after english and chinese), sometimes so sarcastic that you can't tell if i really mean what i'm saying. i'm just a bit crazy, hence my pen name, my personal saying (that i'm pretty sure i came up with, if i didn't, kudos to the author) is "crazieness is contagious". people have called me bossy (i call it in control), a bi*ch (i call it babe in total control of herself), and stubborn (i call it determined). i am not shy nor quiet, quite the opposite actually. all in all, i'm the type of girl that will say sorry when she bumps into a chair and laugh out loud in the middle of complete silence because of something that happened yesterday. oh, and i'll have no reaction during a horror movie, but shout at the top of my lungs when my toast pops out of the toaster. ;)

music is my guilty pleasure. other than playing piano and violin, i love listening to music (even when i'm doing homework) and i like most kinds of music. my favorite genres of music are pop and rock. my favorite artists and some of my favorite songs are the plain white t's (1,2,3,4), boys like girls (love drunk), the all-american rejects (gives you hell), orianthi (according to you), b.o.b. (airplanes), iyaz (replay), demi lovato (la la land), jonas brothers (year 3000), ke$ha (tik tok), lady antebellum (need you now), lady gaga (telephone), miranda cosgrove (about you now), mitchel musso (let's make this last 4ever), onerepublic (stop and stare), owl city (vanilla twilight), the script (breakeven), smash mouth (all star), selena gomez (falling down), taylor swift (crazier), train (hey, soul sister), vanessa hudgens (don't ask why), the veronicas (untouched), green day (21 guns). wow. that's a lot of artists and songs. oh well, they're all spectacular. most of these artists i had a hard time choosing a favorite song as they have so many good songs. music is my salvatore and i can't live without it.

other than reading, writing, and music, i also have many other hobbies. i like to bake, brownies specifically because they're my favorite treat. especially with vanilla ice cream on top. i also love horseback riding. i can ride both western and english, but i'm pretty sure i'm better at western. i love designing graphics, though i don't have much time for it anymore, what with fanfiction and preparing for the ssat test. if daydreaming is considered a hobby, then it's definitely one of mine. i love to just sit there and stare into space thinking about schtuff. hanging out with my friends is pretty awesome too. just having a girl's night out and going shopping. oh, texting is also an obsession of mine. i text my friends almost as much as i skype them. see, i'm a dudette with many hobbies.

friendship's pretty important to me since your best friends are the only people you can really open up to. i mean, you don't want to go to your mom about boy problems, do you? also, true friends will always be there for you. despite everything else going on in your life (break ups, failing an exam, etc.). it hurts like hell when your friends betray you (believe me, i know how painful it is. more than getting no reviews on a story. :O), so i would be a good little friend and be nicely nice to everyone (even your enemies. believe me). 'cause if you're a good little friend then all your friends will also be good little friends so then everyone's happy. (: being best friends means having 2873492801 inside jokes and still remembering the story behind every one. :D